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Today, digitisation is playing a key role in society. Right from a small startup to giant organisation everyone is in need of digital marketing. The emergence of smartphones has to lead to this scenario. Smartphones and digital devices have grown to become a lively need. People in every corner of the world are using it today. Hence, to reach the end user digital devices have become an essential tool. Authentic web page and mobile application can enhance your viewer number thereby giving you a wider reach.

Why website and mobile app are necessary?

Since the market is so wide these days and there is a heavy race prevailing. Being visible to the customer itself has become a challenging task. It is important to establish a brand name in the society in order to survive the market. Hence, one must keep up to trends updating him and trying the most popular methodologies to increase his business productivity.

It is found that on an average every user with the mobile phone is using it at least for 2 hours on an average. Around 90% of the human population has smartphones with at least 20 applications. The digital world has begun and found someone without digital connect is becoming a rare scenario. Social media is another spot where the advertisement for a perfect product will earn a huge profit than expected.

Benefits of a responsive web design

There are several advantages in establishing a standard web design to represent your organisation. Some of the pros are listed below.

Increased referral number

With a highly responsive web design one will be able to deliver a better experience for the users. If the viewers enjoy your site then automatically they will spend more time. Suppose if the user finds it difficult to navigate between the pages or facing difficulty in zooming a particular picture then they will automatically switch away from your website. If they enjoyed your site then they will definitely recommend to their friends.

Improved traffic

When users enjoy visiting your website or the particular application you’ve created then the number of users will automatically start elevating. If the number of people visiting your site increases then the traffic to your page will ameliorate greatly. Hence, a nature hike in page ranking will be achieved.

Low maintenance

It takes only very low time to maintain the website. Hence, once you created a website you can sit back and focus on other important things for the growth of the organisation. Other areas as the marketing, product or content development can be given importance.

Better loading time

A good design will have a faster loading time when compared to other similar websites. Poor loading time will cause frustration in the mind of the user. This will not only lead to declining from your website but also will never come back to buy your product at any instance.

Keeping up with the trend

Today eCommerce is becoming the trend. A study reveals that people using eCommerce is growing by a large scale. When the generation is moving towards the digital platform, it is important to keep yourself up to the standard. Staying ahead in the competition is a key to succeed especially when the race is too huge.

How mobile application is advantageous?

Improves business process

With a perfect mobile application for your organisation, you will be able to carry out the business processes at ease. Applications will provide you an additional power to find your exact target audience. You will be able to see the purchase history of each and every client. So, strategising your advertisement at the right place will improve your product selling rate.

Enhances customer engagement

In the applications, a separate chat section is an added feature nowadays. If the customer faces any kind of difficulty with the product or having any query regarding the item; the customer can contact the staff through the chat option and get things clarified. This improves the relationship between the buyer and the vendor.

Technology-aided service

You will be able to deliver a world-class service irrespective of the organisation. Along with the applications, there are certain handy features that serve to be plus point for you. For instance, GPS feature at the user end will allow you to find the exact location of the audience. By knowing the location you can customize the service locally. You can give an offer for eating at a local shop which is an attractive idea that every user will definitely enjoy.

Take your brand value to a new level

Through mobile application, you will be taken a step closer to your audience. The connectivity will greatly increase. Customising the application according to the user will drive more customers towards you due to the rich user interface. When you are able to deliver the perfect solution to the users, they will definitely enjoy your ideas and creativity. This will give you a better brand value. You will have a great advantage over your other competitors.

Elevate your productivity

Once you got the right app the purchase history of every client will be in your hand. By analysing the history you will be able to find the preference of each user. You can choose the right product and target the right audience. By doing so, you are increasing the possibility of the particular product being sold. Hence the overall productivity of the organisation increases by multifold.

Ecommerce Website Small Mid-Size Enterprise
Design $5,000 $10,000 $3,500
Programming $2,000 $15,000 $7,500
Integrations $500 $8,000 $2,000
Data Imports $0 $5,000 $1,000
Hosting (annual) $500 $6,000 $1,000
SEO (annual) $1,200 $36,000 $6,000

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